• Smart Blinky

A large problem with battery maintenance is knowing when to fill batteries with water. Without indication, operators often need to devise watering schedules or carry out periodic inspections to maintain the batteries. Time is often wasted when inspecting and watering batteries that do not require filling, while batteries left under watered can suffer costly permanent damage. The Smart Blinky™ line of battery watering monitors features patented, UL Classified® devices that dramatically improve battery maintenance by intelligently alerting personnel when a battery needs water. No schedule is needed and less time is wasted. The red and green indication ensures that mistakes are not made by the operator, and “smart sensing” technology eliminates batteries drying out due to false signals. Using microprocessor technology, the Smart Blinky is the most advanced and safest battery watering monitor available. When paired with the Water Injector System™, the Stealth Watering System™, or the Watering Gun any of the Smart Blinky battery watering monitors completes the most effective battery maintenance program available.

Features and Benefits:

  • Easy to see and use: The brightest LED in the industry means that that a Smart Blinky is as to easy to see as it is to understand: Blinking Green LED means the electrolyte level is good. Blinking Red LED means water is needed
  • Patented Smart Sensing Technology: The Smart Blinky is programmed to confirm that the electrolyte level is below the probe tip before it changes color from Green to Red. This eliminates false indication and maximizes watering intervals to prevent unnecessary watering
  • Improves operator safety: There is no longer any need for maintenance staff to peer into vent wells to check levels
  • Multiple Fuses: All Smart Blinky battery watering monitors are supplied with a minimum of two fuses: one on the internal circuitry and one on a lead wire
  • UL Classified: All Smart Blinky battery watering monitors are UL Classified so that you can be assured of their safety
  • Protects your battery investment: The Blinky helps protect against battery dry-out, a major failure mode for industrial batteries
  • Engineered to be tough: Smart Blinky battery watering monitors are built to withstand the harsh environment of industrial battery applications. All materials are resistant to corrosion and the low profile design protects against damage from battery cables and other hazards. It is designed to last for the life of the battery
  • Battery friendly probe: The probe is lead so there is never a fear of poisoning the cell it is placed into
  • Inexpensive and cost effective: Over a battery lifetime, a Smart Blinky battery watering monitor saves a surprising amount of time – or labor cost – and delivers a rapid return on investment. The cost of a single Smart Blinky battery watering monitor is a very small addition to the purchase price of an industrial battery; but it allows watering on a labor-saving “as-needed” basis instead of a “hit or miss schedule” basis. This is even more important with batteries that require less frequent water additions
  • Satisfaction guaranteed: Smart Blinky battery watering monitors are covered by a one-year limited warranty