• Forklift Battery Chargers

The importance of matching the correct charger with the battery cannot be underestimated as using an incorrect charger will inevitably result in premature battery failure. At Industrial Battery and Charger Services we have a complete range of chargers to suit all motive power applications. We are able to offer help and advice on all aspects of battery charging and our service engineers are able to repair and maintain all types of battery chargers in use today.

  • Forklift battery chargers supplied with 5 years warranty
  • Extensive stocks of new and refurbished chargers
  • Comprehensive range of high frequency chargers
  • Stock of charger spares always available

Battery Charging Systems for Intralogistics. Fronius Selectiva charging systems are highly intelligent. Charging systems for drive batteries need a special type of intelligence. Since every battery is different, the Selectiva series automatically recognises age and charge level to provide a precise charge. This increases the service life and efficiency of the battery and reduces the amount of maintenance.It is a question of intelligent technology. The proven Selectiva series with four power classes and housing versions offers a complete product range for 12, 24, 36, 48, 72 and 80 volt batteries… Read More

Founded in 1972 by Sergio Poletti, S.P.E. Elettronica Industriale is a family-owned company. It has a long and proven history in manufacturing on-board and stand alone battery chargers. It’s state of the art research and development techniques provides standard and custom built solutions for charging batteries of any type. Read More

These light and compact units offer intelligent battery charging with advanced efficiency and flexibility for material handling equipment. IMPAQTM chargers deliver a better value in high frequency charging. They feature a standard flooded lead acid battery charge profile, and include the proprietary NexSys® bloc and 2V standard charge profile Read More


Value packed charger for standard and opportunity charging Premium charger with wireless communication and upgraded display for easy mixed fleet battery management The best-in-class high frequency onboard charging solution
Advanced HF Modular Technology Advanced HF Modular Technology Advanced features and compact size
LCD display screen and LED indicators Multi-colour screen LED indicators
NexSys® TPPL standard application and Flooded batteries Cold storage profile All NexSys® TPPL and NexSys® iON batteries. Cold storage application, heavy-duty charging profile NexSys® TPPL, Flooded and Gel batteries
Battery voltage auto-detect Auto detection of voltage and capacity, communicates wirelessly to a Wi-iQ® device and CAN to the CDI device for exact control based on battery type; E-Connect™ app compatible Recharge anytime at the nearest available AC socket, embedded LVA and Wi-iQ® device, E-Connect™ app compatible
Electrovalve control and air mix pump Standard bluetooth, optional ethernet, WiFi, remote or external analog control (PLC), Electrovalve control and air mix pump Standard bluetooth, optional CANbus communication
CE and UKCA certified CE and UKCA certified CE and UKCA certified