• Traction Batteries

At EnerSys, our batteries range from the hardest-working flooded lead acid designs to the industry’s most advanced Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) and Lithium-ion (Li-ion) technologies. Our high-frequency chargers feature modular, low-component designs to fit any performance and charging profile. And our programs and services can help your operation manage whatever stored power technologies you use more efficiently and cost-effectively.

But even more important, everything EnerSys offers is informed by more than a century of knowledge that reflects our evolving, but constant mission: helping our customers make their operations more productive and profitable.


EnerSys supports any business that relies on motive power energy. Their strategically located manufacturing plants (France, Germany, Poland) and assembly facilities (Italy, Spain, Czech Republic) deliver maximum efficiency and rapid responsiveness, built on a culture of continuous improvement and added value for their business partners.

Always highly receptive to their customers’ requirements they provide energy packs for all applications: from pallet trucks, counterbalanced trucks, aerial working platforms, automated guided vehicles, cleaning and sweeping machines, to locotractors, road vehicles or even utilities.

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One of the fastest growing companies in our field of work we have become the sensible option to support your business.