• Forklift Batteries

As an independent supplier forklift batteries from the world’s leading manufacturers IBCS is able to provide a complete solution for all forklift battery requirements.
With 3000 forklift battery cells in stock and access to 25,000 cells from Manchester and Cardiff, we are in a position to offer very short lead times. In addition to the cells in Sheffield IBCS have a large number forklift battery tanks in stock which allows us to deliver complete forklift batteries, in tanks, within 48hrs of receipt of order. All IBCS forklift batteries are supplied with a full 5 parts and labour warranty. The cells from GNB are supplied with the standard manufacturer’s specified warranties.
We stock batteries from a range of manufacturers including Sunlight, Eternity Technologies and Trojan.

Eternity Technologies Batteries

Although Eternity Technologies is the newest and most vibrant Motive Power battery company in the world it derives its heritage from over 100 years of developments in lead acid battery technology. This know how has designed and built the most modern and up to date Motive Power manufacturing facility in the world. Eternity specialise in the manufacture and supply of industry leading high performance Tubular Technology Motive Power cells. Utilising the latest manufacturing techniques in plate making, cell assembly, and formation which when combined with the best design, to deliver the high quality and performance demanded by the Materials Handling market as well as other Motive Power applications.

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Established in 1984 Industrial Battery and Charger Services Ltd (IBCS) is one of the largest independent specialist battery and charger companies in the UK. With over 30 years experience we provide a rapid and dependable sales and service facility for all users of batteries and chargers within the TRACTION and STANDBY POWER industry.

Our brands include Enersys, Sunlight and Eternity. Applications range from simple cleaning machines to submarine.

Sunlight Batteries

Available in a wide range of capacity and size options the batteries meet international DIN and BS standards.Fully integrated state of the art manufacturing processes start with the production of lead oxide and red lead (100%) at Sunlight’s industrial facilities. Fully automated production facilities including the use of cast on straps finish with the activation of the cells through a modern jar formation facility. This ensures a value added product with high energy density, performance and durability.

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EnerSys supports any business that relies on motive power energy. Their strategically located manufacturing plants (France, Germany, Poland) and assembly facilities (Italy, Spain, Czech Republic) deliver maximum efficiency and rapid responsiveness, built on a culture of continuous improvement and added value for their business partners.

Always highly receptive to their customers’ requirements they provide energy packs for all applications: from pallet trucks, counterbalanced trucks, aerial working platforms, automated guided vehicles, cleaning and sweeping machines, to locotractors, road vehicles or even utilities.

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One of the fastest growing companies in our field of work we have become the sensible option to support your business.