• Battery Watering Systems


Correct topping up of lead acid batteries is essential – too much water and the electrolyte will overflow,
too little and the battery will quickly fail. To ensure that each cell is topped automatically to the
correct level IBCS offer a centralised filling system called BFS.

BFS is a float system, the float in each cell operates a valve that shuts off the supply of water to the
cell as the float rises. The system is universal, and compatible with that of many of other battery manufacturers.

There is a level indicator in each cell plug, which indicates the electrolyte level, and the top flips open to
allow access for a hydrometer.

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Aquajet is one of the fastest, safest, and most reliable way to add water to your batteries! Most
industrial batteries need to be filled up with water regularly. Filling with manual methods,
watering guns or float systems can take a significant amount of time. When filling a large number
of batteries the total amount of time results in huge maintenance costs. When batteries are filled
by service engineers, rapid filling allows them to visit more sites in less time.

Aquajet is a single point filling system that fills each cell to the required level. A battery
can be filled with precise level control in less than 15 seconds. When the tip of the injector
touches the electrolyte, the internal valve shuts off with an action 20 times stronger than a
float valve.

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