• Aquajet

Aquajet is one of the fastest, safest, and most reliable way to add water to your batteries!
Most industrial batteries need to be filled up with water regularly. Filling with manual methods,
watering guns or float systems can take a significant amount of time. When filling a large number
of batteries the total amount of time results in huge maintenance costs. When batteries are filled
by service engineers, rapid filling allows them to visit more sites in less time.

Aquajet is a single point filling system that fills each cell to the required level.
A battery can be filled with precise level control in less than 15 seconds. When the tip of the
injector touches the electrolyte, the internal valve shuts off with an action 20 times stronger
than a float valve.

Aquajet eliminates the need for automation as batteries can be filled in almost the same amount
of time that it takes to connect it. Each injector has it’s own level-sensor enclosed in a protective housing. The sensor is powered by the water pressure and no moving parts are in contact with the electrolyte. There are no floats or delicate exposed parts to stick or break, and they are not affected by oil, tar or abusive conditions. Rapid parallel filling is made possible by the unique low-friction tubing and pressurised water supply.

Using an approved water supply ensures a reliable performance. Filling batteries on large sites can be time-consuming.

Aquajet is the fastest method of precisely filling batteries and will significantly reduce labour costs.

The rapid filling is also essential for service engineers who need to visit several sites, or have limited opportunity to access batteries.