• Smart-App

Data logging is useful to understand if the batteries have been correctly charged and discharged to the optimum level

Model AH Battery
T200 100+340
T400 350+740
T800 750+1500

Sending battery data to a PC
Through a USB stick all data can be sent to the SMART.VIEW Software, which makes it possible to display them in form of working cycles and diagrams.

Sending battery data to the web
Data stored on a Flash USB driver can be uploaded to the SmartService WEB application for:

  • automatic analysis and reports
  • integrated “SmartIC-like” management fleet

Main Features:

  • Measured instantaneous data: Voltage, Current, Charging/Discharging Time and Ah
  • Storage and analysis of historical data
  • Statistic analysis
  • Data download on USB to the PC
  • Data Memory: 400 working cycles
  • For 24/36/48/72/80/96V batteries (12V available on request)
  • Hall effect sensor
  • Discharge time and capacity
  • Battery faults and failures occurring during the charging process
  • Temperature indication (when sensor is fitted)
  • Low electrolyte level (when electrolyte level probe is fitted)
  • Possibility of Serial Connection RS 485 and CAN BUS
  • Protection IP54
  • Working temperature from -20° to +50°