• Selectiva 4.0 8kw

The chargers of the Selectiva 4.0 product family are true all-rounders. You can flexibly charge lead-acid batteries with different voltages and capacities. Benefit from a simple operation, small space require- ments and low operating costs.

With the Selectiva 4.0 charger family, Fronius offers one of the most efficient and advanced solutions on the market for charging lead-acid batte- ries. Benefit from our innovative charger technology, which not only saves costs, energy and CO2, but also offers you sustainable benefits. With the Selectiva 4.0 you are best prepared for your future challenges.


* Free-of charge extended warranty for end customers / users of the product. Conditions and registration under: www.fronius.com/warrantyextension-pc

Convincing quality taken further Fronius products have an exceptionally long life expectancy and are produced by the highest quality standards. This does not only impress us, but also our customers for more than 75 years. We have taken this as an opportunity to offer our end customers an impressive 5-year product warranty.*

Flexible und adaptive We know that your daily business can be very demanding. That’s why our Selectiva 4.0 chargers are modularly designed, easy to move and can charge all common lead-acid, lead crystal and CSM batteries. Your advantage? A charger that flexibly adapts to your requirements and the different voltages and capacities of your batteries.

Charge & Connect With Selectiva 4.0, the connectivity solution Charge & Connect can be integrated in your everyday business life. Benefit from new transparency and additional optimization possibilities.

Less energy costs With an overall efficiency of up to 84 % from the power connection to the battery, Fronius chargers significantly reduce your power consumption by up to 30 %.

Extended battery life The Ri charging process provides a cooler battery during charging, extending its life by 10-15% on average.

Different voltage classes The Ri charging process enables you to charge different batte- ries and voltage classes with one charger.

Actively reduce risks Overcharging, which leads to faster contamination of the battery and the development of dangerous oxyhydrogen gas, can be reduced with the Ri charging process.

Specifications Table

Device Designation
Voltage Current Phases Voltage Current Power Fuse
Selectiva 4.0 2100 8kW 24V 100A 3 400V 7A 3,9kW 16A
Selectiva 4.0 2120 8kW 24V 120A 3 400V 8A 4,6kW 16A
Selectiva 4.0 2140 8kW 24V 140A 3 400V 9A 5,4kW 16A
Selectiva 4.0 2160 8kW 24V 160A 3 400V 10A 6,1kW 16A
Selectiva 4.0 2180 8kW 24V 180A 3 400V 11A 6,9kW 16A
Selectiva 4.0 2200 8kW 24V 200A 3 400V 12A 7,6kW 16A
Selectiva 4.0 2225 8kW 24V 225A 3 400V 14A 8,6kW 16A
Selectiva 4.0 4060 8kW 48V 60A 3 400V 7A 4,6kW 16A
Selectiva 4.0 4075 8kW 48V 75A 3 400V 9A 5,7kW 16A
Selectiva 4.0 4090 8kW 48V 90A 3 400V 11A 6,8kW 16A
Selectiva 4.0 4120 8kW 48V 120A 3 400V 14A 9,1kW 16A
Selectiva 4.0 4140 8kW 48V 140A 3 400V 14A 9,3kW 16A
Selectiva 4.0 4160 8kW 48V 160A 3 400V 15A 9,4kW 16A
Selectiva 4.0 4185 8kW 48V 185A 3 400V 15A 10,0kW 16A
Selectiva 4.0 8040 8kW 80V 40A 3 400V 8A 5,0kW 16A
Selectiva 4.0 8060 8kW 80V 60A 3 400V 12A 7,4kW 16A
Selectiva 4.0 8075 8kW 80V 75A 3 400V 14A 9,1kW 16A
Selectiva 4.0 8090 8kW 48V 90A 3 400V 14A 9,2kW 16A
Selectiva 4.0 8110 8kW 80V 110A 3 400V 15A 9,7kW 16A


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