Technical Features

  • Full Charge time Standard 80min, Full charge at 1 hour possible
  • Standard Charge Current 0.5C
  • Maximum Charge Current 1C
  • Opportunity Charge Current 0.75C
  • Max. Continuous Discharge Current 1C
  • Temperature during charge 0°C up to 45°C (32°F up to 113°F)
  • Temperature during discharge -20°C up to 55°C (-4°F up to 131°F)
  • Nominal battery voltage range 25.6V – 38.4V – 51.2V – 83.2V
  • Available Capacities up to 864Ah
  • Tray Sizes (Dimensions, weights) DIN, BS, Customized
  • State of Charge indicator Integrated on the battery
  • Communication Protocol CAN bus
  • Intercell connections Copper Nickel-plated connectors
  • Electrical Power Connection REMA, Anderson

SUNLIGHT Li.ON FORCE Charger series advantages:

  • Innovative and worldwide unique multi-resonance converter technology
  • High Energy Efficiency up to 97%
  • IU charging characteristic
  • Fast and opportunity charging modes
  • Able to achieve full recharge of the battery within 1 hour
  • IP21, higher protection categories up to IP54 upon request
  • Fixed connections – ready to “plug & charge”
  • Small footprint – decentralized charging point installed in the area where the vehicle operates
  • Touch graphic display
  • Integrated CAN interface with established data transfer and communication with Li.ON FORCE BMS offering fully-controlled, advanced charging procedure
Characteristics Lead Acid Batteries Li.ON FORCE Batteries
Energy Density ~ 100 Wh/L 233 Wh/L
Charging Efficiency Up to 80% Up to 95%
Emissions Environmental unfriendly / Gassing and water loss when charging Environmental friendly / Emission free
Maintenance Required / water filling – check points Not required
Charging Time (Full Charging) 8h ~ 1 – 1.5h
Opportunity Charging Negative effect on service life Yes, with NO negative effect on service life
Energy Efficiency Up to 80% 95%
Operating Temperature -20°C up to 55°C (-4°F up to 131°F) -20°C up to 55°C (-4°F up to 131°F)
Temperature during Charge -10°C up to 55°C (14°F up to 131°F) 0°C up to 45°C (32°F up to 113°F)

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