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FLEXIS is a fully programable, high-frequency charger of traction and station batteries. Optimised charging technology prolongs working life of battery, accelerates charging and saves energy. FLEXIS charger meets hard requirements of three-shift service in industrial areas.

  • User friendly - setting of parameters via operating panel or PC
  • Preset charging curves
  • Possibility to set up custom charging curves
  • Memory for 1000 charging cycles
  • Four-colour graphic display
  • Possibility to use one charger for more different batteries by manual selection
  • Saves expenses for operating
  • Very high reliability
  • Efficiency up to 94%
  • Active PFC (at monophase) and soft-start
  • Verification of connected battery
  • High resistance to mains disturbances
  • High stability of output parameters
  • Regneration charging - desulphation and equalization
  • Short circuit proof output
  • Galvanic separated mains output
  • Modular system
Axima Flexis Features Axima Flexis Operating Panel