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IP54-Rated Weatherproof / Waterproof Chargers

AXItrac P SC

AXITrac P SC IP54 Weatherproof and Waterproof forklift battery charger

HF Charger, Stainless-Steel Design, IP54

  • Stainless-steel case, protection IP54 (weatherproof / waterproof)
  • For different capacities
  • For batteries from 12V up to 440V
  • Simple setting, various charging characteristics
  • Optional functions
  • Any input voltage (e.g., 3x500VAC, 3x660VAC, ...)
  • Setting of charging parameters via PC
  • Derived from AXItrac charger

AXItrac P SC is designed for environments that demand higher IP protection and stainless-steel design such as the food and mining industries.


  • Output voltage tolerance ± 1%
  • Output current tolerance ± 1%
  • Archive of charging - up to 1000 cycles
  • Battery regeneration modes
  • Equalisation
  • Desulphation
  • Short circuit proof output
  • Modular system
  • Resistant to mains disturbances


  • Temperature compensation of charging
  • External signalisation
  • Air-pump - electrolyte mixing
  • Operating conditions from -20°C to +50°C
    • possibility of internal heater
    • possibility of air-conditioning

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